Eurydice Annual Update Published

October 27th 2011

The Eurydice network, which provides information and analysis on education systems and policies in Europe, has published its annual update of the structure of the European Education systems as well as its school and academic calendars of the EU Member States, EFTA countries, Croatia and Turkey. These reference tools provide essential information for students and academic mobility, for families moving abroad as well as for European cooperation projects in the field of education.

Here are the relevant documents:

* The structure of the European education systems 2011/12

This is a clear and concise overview of the national educational structures in Europe, from early childhood education and care up to tertiary education.

* The academic calendar 2011/12

This is a Calendar of both university or non-university study programmes for each of 32 countries in the Eurydice network.

* The school calendar 2011/12

This is an organisation of the school year in 32 European countries for primary and secondary education. Regional variations are also indicated where applicable.

Please also note that on 16 November 2011 Eurydice will publish two thematic studies on Teaching Mathematics and Science. These two studies are linked to the 2020 EU benchmark in basic skills and to the strategic priority for improving the quality and efficiency of European education and training. These documents will contribute to the European and national debates on how to improve science and mathematics education.