Euroguidance Malta publishes new promotional material

December 22nd 2010

The Euroguidance Centre in Malta, which is locally administered by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA), has just published its first newsletter, a brochure outlining its services and has also launched its new website, which can be accessed at address

These tools were launched during the Euroguidance Malta annual conference held on 1st December 2010 and which targeted career guidance teachers, trainee career advisors and employment advisors. The theme for the conference was “The Importance of guidance in Education, Training and Lifelong Learning”. The keynote speaker during the conference was Dr. Richard Evans, Council Member of City and Guilds and Member of the Malta Chamber-MCAST Steering Committee. He highlighted the need for a clear guidance strategy with regard to decision-making on educational and training paths. The Euroguidance conference was an opportunity for the participants to learn and enhance their knowledge about the Euroguidance network and the Euroguidance Centre in Malta.

The New Website

The new website will complement the work that has already been done in the field of guidance by the national Euroguidance Centre and the European network, which is that of helping guidance counsellors as well as the general public to better understand the opportunities available to them throughout Europe. It includes information on upcoming guidance events organised by the Euroguidance Centre in Malta, as well as other Euroguidance Centres across Europe.

Acting National Coordinator, Mr. Reuben Pullicino, commented that “our aim for the new website is to serve as a link between guidance practitioners, both locally and in the European context, in order to help them network and learn from each other. The Centre itself is a contact point and a networking tool, whose aim is to act as a springboard for ideas and opportunities in the guidance sector”.

The website also includes information on the tasks and functions of the Centre as well as contact details for individuals, especially career guidance practitioners, to seek advice from the Centre. In addition to this, it has information and good practices on new and innovative approaches and publications on guidance and mobility opportunities produced locally and at a European level.

New Publications

The Centre’s objective is also to produce and disseminate useful publications which will aid guidance practitioners as well as the general public to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of guidance. Some of these publications also serve as guides for Maltese Citizens when travelling abroad.

In fact, during the conference, the Centre launched a newsletter, which will contain updated information on the field of guidance, both locally and in Europe. This will be printed twice-yearly, and currently the Centre is accepting articles and text to be included in the next publication.

All publications can also be found on the website.

The Euroguidance Centre in Malta is funded with support from the European Commission, specifically from the National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance. More information can be found by visiting website The Centre in Malta is hosted by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA).