2010 EG Conference Follow-Up Documents

January 21st 2011

The Euroguidance Malta annual conference was held on 1st December 2010 and targeted career guidance teachers, trainee career advisors and employment advisors. The theme for the conference was “The Importance of guidance in Education, Training and Lifelong Learning”. The keynote speaker during the conference was Dr. Richard Evans, Council Member of City and Guilds and Member of the Malta Chamber-MCAST Steering Committee. He highlighted the need for a clear guidance strategy with regard to decision-making on educational and training paths. The Euroguidance conference was an opportunity for the participants to learn and enhance their knowledge about the Euroguidance network and the Euroguidance Centre in Malta.

Agenda for the conference, photo 1, photo 2
– Presentation 1: An update on the Euroguidance Centre in Malta, presented by Mr. Jamie Mercieca (EUPA Programme Officer)
– Presentation 2: A Guidance Strategy for Lifelong Education and Training, presented by Dr. Richard Evans. Dr. Evans also prepared a briefing paper on the topic, which was distributed to all participants.
– Presentation 3: Guidance and adult learners – Adult Basic Skills, presented by Mr. Victor Galea (Directorate for Lifelong Learning)
– Presentation 4: Employment and Training Corporation – Services offered to Jobseekers, presented by Ms. Natasha Attard and Ms. Wilma Plaehn (ETC)